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Possum intrusion in roof cavities and also in underfloor crawl spaces is an ever growing problem, as their natural habitat gets destroyed in ever increasing numbers. In our opinion, every Australian householder should make a serious effort to live with these native animals and we make every effort to encourage and assist householders to do so. Our process in removing possums from a roof cavity is cutting edge due to our use of infra red motion detecting cameras which demonstrate clearly that possums are in the roof space and where they are entering from.
Our process is as follows:

1. Confirm intrusion

In the first instance, the existence of possums in the roof needs to be confirmed as mistaking possums on the roof with possums in the roof is a common occurence. • Below, possum on roof unable to gain entry as we have replaced his entry point with a one way exit door. Our infra red motion detecting camera mounted on the roof captures the possums movements overnight.

Once it has been confirmed that possums are in fact residing in the roof, we determine the best course of action to remove them. Generally this will be a mixture of one way exit doors positioned in the roof tiles and possum cages which are positioned in the roof cavity. We will also endeavour to determine the entry point(s) at the same time and if these are obvious from our inspection we will close them up immediately.

2. Camera/Video detection equipment

We will also set up our motion detecting camera/video equipment in the roof space at the same time as we establish the exit points and the possum cages. This equipment will also allow us to confirm all entry and exit points which the possums may be using. Typically we use 3 or 4 cameras in one roof space so we cover all possible areas in the roof.

3. Daily inspection

Once our system is established one of our employees will inspect the property at least once a day and in the event that we have established possum cages in the roof cavity, we will attend twice daily.

4. Complete removal

Our camera system will show us when the possums have left the roof space and once we are satisfied that the roof space is now empty and the entry points are all closed up, our other services - possum rehousing, roof cavity cleaning, and ongoing possum proofing can, if requested, now be undertaken.
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