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Infra Red Motion Detecting Monitoring - locates possums and rats in your roof space. Call 1300 382 826.

Two of the most common problems surrounding the removal of possums from the roof space are:
1.How can we be certain that the possums have left the roof cavity?
2. Have we identified all the entry points so the possums do not return?
Generally, most companies simply rely on the homeowner to inform them that the noises have stopped. Whilst this is often a fairly good way of ascertaining if the possums are still there, it is by no means foolproof and we believe that it is unfair and unrealistic of a possum removal company to rely on the homeowner to do their job. In addition to that, it is often very difficult to determine where all the entry points may be without firm evidence of where the animals are entering and exiting your roof space
We have two systems of monitoring the roof space to ensure that the possums have vacated the roof space and that we have located all the entry points.Both of our systems are included in our standard service and involve no additional cost to the homeowner.

Localised Infra Red Motion detecting Monitoring & Video Capture will locate and video the possum

We set up two to three infra red cameras in each roof cavity to cover all of the roof space. Each camera (set to either video or still image capture) will take photos or video when motion is detected within 15m of each camera.
Each camera has its own monitor and these can be viewed by both our employees and the homeowner from their lounge room. The video capture will provide us with proof that the possums have departed your roof space.
We will generally train one of the camera on the obvious entry points as well, as this will assist us to determine how many possums are in the roof space and how many have left.
Peace of mind and proof
Our localised and remote monitoring allows our company to be able to accurately claim that we have removed all the possums from your roof space - and it provides you with the peace of mind that all the possums are gone.

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