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Rats in your roof or crawlspace? Call 1300 382 826.

Rats nest in roof cavities and in ducting in underfloor crawl spaces. Seeking shelter and warmth, they try and make their homes in both areas and in doing so often cause considerable damage to your roof space, insulation and underfloor ducting if allowed to remain there indefinately. Animal Intrusion can effectively remove rats from your roof cavity or from your ducts. Our belief is that killing rats should be avoided if at all possible, preferring to deter them from entering your roof cavity. The unfortunate truth is that baiting rats is often the only way to erradicate them completely from a roof void.
Treating rat intrusion is a simple and inexpensive matter of baiting regularly in both your roof space and in the crawl space under your property. Using readily available baits this can be done by the householder, or we can undertake this for you.
Our process is as follows:

1. Confirm intrusion

In the first instance, the existence of possums in the roof needs to be confirmed as mistaking possums on the roof with possums in the roof is a common occurence.

2. Bait and inspect

Electronic or traditional
We offer a bait and inspect service which allows for the removal of any carcasses following baiting. We have two ways of erradicating rats from your roof cavity or crawl space.

i. Rat bat station with internal rat baits
These rat exterminators allow the rat or mouse into the station attracted by the bait. On eating the bait, it swells up in their stomach. This makes them thirsty and they leave the roof looking for water and after a few days they die. We rarely find them dead in the roof cavity after baiting. The benefit of this station is that it can attack several rats at the same time.

ii. Electronic extermination
The electronic battery operated stations allow the rat or mouse in attracted by animal food placed inside and once inside it is electrocuted. The carcass is then removed and disposed of. The only negative to these stations is that the will only kill one rat at a time until the station is cleared out and reset.

3. Clean up

If required we can clean up any affected areas but rats do NOT generally make much mess or cause much damage in the roof cavity, unlike possums.

4. Ducting

If rats penetrate ducting then the damage can be severe and if they die in or near the ducts the smell can be unbearable. If the ducts have been penetrated they will require replacement, either full or partial depending on the damage sustained. This is NOT covered by insurance.

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