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Your roof cavity or underfloor crawl space needs to be possum proofed once the possums have been removed from your roof or crawl space. If this is not done then they can easily return. In addition, removing both the entry points and the launch points from where the possums will gain access to your roof and from there your roof cavity, is vital to the long term success of removing possums from your personal space.

1. Removing entry and launch points

The first step is to identify both the launch and entry points to your roof and from there your roof space. This is achieved through observing the possums visually and by utilising our infra red camera/video motion detection equipment if required.

Once the entry and launch points have been identified, we can block up and/or remove them for you.

2. Possum proofing roof cavities

If the entry points and the launch points are identified and removed then possum proofing the roof space should be complete. Further more radical measures can be taken - like placing rings of metal around tree trunck etc - but they should not be necessary if the launch points are removed.

3. Possum proofing under floor crawl space

If possums are gaining access to your underfloor ducting and even your roof cavity from your underfloor crawl space, then urgent action is required to stop them from getting under your house. This can be achieved by surrounding all underfloor entry points with stiff wire mesh which is affixed to your stumps or bearers or even your weatherboards and is buried 50 mill into the ground.

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