Roof cavity cleanup after possum intrusion. Call 1300 382 826.

Animal Intrusion can clean the roof space and replace your insulation and/or ducting if it has been damaged by animals. We have both the expertise and the equipment required to undertake this job and have been cleaning roof spaces for years around Melbourne and Victoria following contamination from animal intrusion.
In addition, the clean up can often be paid for by your insurance company (possums only, not rats and subject to the correct insurance policy).

1. Cavity cleaning after animal intrusion

Once the possums, rats or birds have been removed from the roof space, or the rats and their nests, we can clean the roof cavity. Using giant truck mounted vacuum cleaners, we suck out all contaminated insulation, nests and droppings. We can then scrub any contaminated rafters and joists and can even replace damaged or urine soaked plaster.

2. Fumigation and odour removal

With the cleaning completed, we will fumigate or 'fog' the roof space to remove all odours and germs. The product we use is a hospital grade germicide and the roof space must be vacated for up to 60 minutes following this procedure.

3. Re-insulating, new duct work

Following the fogging of the roof space, we can re-insulate and/or re duct the heating system if the ducts have been contaminated and removed (this is generally the case in underfloor ducting but not as common in in roof ducting).

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