Birds nesting in or your roof cavity? Call 1300 382 826.

Once penetrated by birds, and if ignored, a roof cavity can quickly become contaminated with dead birds, droppings and nests. Typically bird contamination occurs in commercial premises, but we have often been called out to trap and release pigeons and to remove dead pigeons from roof cavities.

It is important, once you become aware of bird intrusion in your roof cavity, that you act on it quickly because the damage, if they are allowed to continue to encroach into your roof cavity can be considerable. All of our bird removal or repellant works are guaranteed to be successful.

A. Birds in your roof

1. Confirm intrusion and close off entry points
A fairly simple exercise, confirming the intrusion is the first step. From there, we will close off the entry points to ensure no more birds enter the roof space - unless there are baby birds in nests present. In that case we recommend waiting until the birds have left the nest and then we will close off the space.

2. Trap or repel

Trap - Using purpose built pigeon cages, we will trap all the live pigeons in the roof cavity and then release them.
Repel - Using cutting edge ultrasonic equipment and/or deterrant gels, we can repel pigeons which may nest in your roof cavity.

3. Close off entry point
Once we have deterred or removed live birds form your roof cavity, we will permanently close off their entry points.

4. Clean up If required we can clean up any affected areas, removing old nests and any dead birds. Generally birds - unless there are a lot of them and they are there for a considerable period of time- will not cause too much damage in the roof cavity.

B. Birds on your roof

If birds are resting on your roof, we can successfully repel them by utilising ultrasonic repellant equipment, laser guns and/or repelling gels.

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