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Animal Intrusion specialises in Possum, Bird and Rat removal in Melbourne.

We can expertly resolve any animal intrusion issue, including the presence of possums, rats, birds, stray cats.
For more information or assistance in dealing humanely with possums, birds and rats in your roof space or subfloor, please call Animal Intrusion on 1300 382 826, or EMAIL US to book a property inspection. Do you have possums in your roof? As our name suggests, we specialise in all aspects of possum, rat or bird removal after animal intrusion in your roof cavity, ductwork and under floor space. We have more than 19 years of experience in dealing with animal intrusion issues throughout Melbourne and greater Victoria. Our service is all encompassing. We don't just remove the possums, rodents or birds from your roof in Melbourne, but our cutting edge service can remove them and then re house them in purpose built possum homes in your trees.
We strongly believe that we all need to live side by side with possums and therefore we have an obligation to rehouse them and to treat them humanely when they do enter our world. We therefore try and remove them simply and without cages.

One way exit doors for possum removal

Using one way exit point doorways and humane cages designed specifically for possum removal, our service will guarantee to remove all the possums from your roof space - and we can prove it using our infra red motion detecting camera and video equipment to determine all entry points, the number of possums in your roof space and finally, that all possums have exited the building! Once we have removed the possums from your roof space, we can then restore the space, clean all contaminated roof joists, supports and associated roof structures, vacuum out all contaminated insulation and possum droppings, de-contaminate the roof space using non toxic antimicrobial agents and finally re-insulate the roof space, leaving you with a clean, healthy roof cavity.

Why are we different?

1. Infra red remote control inspection cameras
We utilise infra red remote control inspection cameras to determine exactly what is in the roof cavity and how they are getting in. This proves very useful in determining the success of the removal process.

2. Clean up after animal intrusion
We operate large machinery that sucks out all the contaminated insulation and droppings from the roof cavity as well as then fumigating to eliminate the odour left over from the intrusion.

3. Insurance assistance
We have been assisting householders to successfully claim the cost of cleaning up after posums from their insurancd company. Our detailed reports and quotations are generally accepted by insurance companies in the lodgement of successful claims. Ask for more details.

For more information and to book an inspection, call 1300 382 826. Our sister companies can assist you with duct repairs, insulation removal and insulation, flood and fire damage, carpet cleaning, damp remediation and repairs and mould remediation.

We are located at 4 Tate St, Ivanhoe 3079